Fall Maintenance For Your Parking Lot

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3 Fall Maintenance Tips To Get Your Parking Lot Ready For Winter

Parking Lot in Fall

For those of us braving the east coast climate, we know that the onset of fall means that winter is fast approaching. Like clockwork, we all begin to prepare for the harsh elements and drop in temperatures to protect what’s nearest and dearest to us.

Fall maintenance projects don’t just exist for homeowners. Business owners and property managers must also take some precautions in ensuring that their storefront, office building, or warehouse is properly maintained and protected from the snow, ice, and salt. We’ve curated some fall maintenance tips to improve your asphalt parking lot’s lifespan as it makes its way through the winter.

Tip #1: Be Mindful of Standing Water

No matter the season, standing or pooling water is not a good thing. An uneven sub-base is usually the cause of the issue, followed by an uneven top layer. Without any attention or resolution, pooling water over time could cause cracks and potholes in your parking lot. Once there is heavy rain or snow, the colder temperatures will turn these pools into ice, creating an unwanted, hazardous ice rink in the middle of your commercial lot. So, once fall approaches, be sure to check for standing water. Minor patchwork may be enough to rectify uneven sections, or you can consider porous asphalt, which will drain water nicely through the asphalt and sub-base into the ground below for maximum absorption.

Tip #2: Crack-Filling

Small cracks and potholes will seldom stay the same size once a winter season has come and gone. Storm water and snow will find its way into even the tiniest of cracks, entering the rock supporting the asphalt. Once the sub-base is damaged, you’re dealing with a more significant issue of having to rip up your asphalt top layer. Once temperatures dip below freezing, any water that remains within a crack or pothole will expand, ultimately causing more damage. As fall approaches, make an effort to repair any visible cracking, no matter the size, to help protect your lot from withstanding more vital internal issues.

Tip #3: Sealcoating

Once you’ve made the investment to install a brand-new asphalt parking lot, you want to make sure it’s well maintained. Sealcoating is a procedure that should be done every three to five years following a commercial lot’s initial installation. It is a protective coating that seals the surface, filling in small cracks and voids. To ensure the application is done correctly, you have to make sure the ground temperature remains compliant. This means, day and night, temperatures cannot drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. What’s more, falling leaves may also pose a problem so be sure to prepare for a sealcoat job before the leaves turn.

If you’ve been contemplating a commercial parking lot renovation, you want to know that your needs will be well met. Seasonal preparation and maintenance will only work if you have a solid lot to begin with. Haskell Paving Inc. is a local, family-run asphalt specialist that can help put your needs first. Contact us today for a quote!