Asphalt Milling 101

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3 Benefits And Signs You May Need An Asphalt Milling Job

What To Do After You Complete An Asphalt Paving Project

Aspahlt Milling Process

Asphalt milling, also known as pavement milling, cold planning, or profiling, is a cost-effective method of upgrading a weathered parking lot or roadway.

The milling process, which originated in the mid-1970s, involves removing either the full depth of asphalt or one to two inches of asphalt layers in need of repair, without going near to the sub-base. The removed asphalt is then recycled and ground into gravel for use down the road. With the damaged pavement removed, new asphalt is layered and leveled.

Signs Of Needing Asphalt Milling

When cracking or raveling appears on any asphalt surface, this means there is a loss of asphalt, stone, and sand in the asphalt composition, or a multitude of pavement-patched-potholes, causing uneven slopes. If you’re experiencing any of these conditions - it is time for the asphalt milling solution! Such poor pavement surfaces can cause drivers to lose vehicle control, bring pedestrians to trip, and cause water damage that brings the need for a full reconstruction project.

The strength of asphalt, composed of asphalt cement, stone, sand, and gravel, is the reason why the material is the choice for 94% of America's highways and byways. The entire 117.2 miles of the NJ Turnpike, built in the year 1951, carries over 200 million vehicles annually and has never needed more than surface treatments and overlays! New Jersey's Interstate 287 has also required only surface repair and profiling in all its twenty-six years!

Three Benefits To Using Asphalt Milling

Besides its time-saving and budget-friendly nature, other significant benefits of this milling process include:

The Most Cost-Effective: Asphalt milling is the most cost-effective and economical solution for your commercial parking lot. Because you are just replacing the affected surface layers, additional costs to get the job done, which include trucking charges, labor costs, etc. will be substantially reduced.

The ‘Go Green’ Initiative: Using the asphalt milling process enables the preservation of the limited resources of stone, sand, and gravel in quarries, as the old layers of asphalt become the aggregate material for Recycled Asphalt Pavement. (RAP)

The Best Bet for Older Lots: Asphalt milling is the best choice for older parking lots. These include lots that have been resurfaced by adding new layers onto the existing ones without any prior removal, as they don’t have space on the curb face to allow for another layer of asphalt

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