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Haskell Paving — Putting an End to Your Winter Nightmares!

Snow and ice removal at commercial premises is one of the main services that we provide at Haskell Paving, Inc. Our services cover the extensive regions of northern New Jersey and include several counties including Bergen, Passaic, Morris, Warren, Sussex, Essex, Hunterdon, Somerset, Union, Mercer, Hudson, Middlesex and Monmouth. We have been in the business for 50 years, and are recognized experts of commercial snow removal. We offer our services to all kinds of commercial establishments including office buildings, shopping centers, supermarkets, airports, healthcare facilities and apartment complexes just to name a few.

Maintaining the Highest Standards

At Haskell Paving, we maintain the highest standards in commercial ice removal. Using our extensive experience in the field, we provide the most satisfying tailor made solutions to our clients. Understanding what the client wants is the starting point of our services. Once we understand your needs, we develop the most appropriate service plan and execute with professional expertise.

Giving More than What Clients Expect

We are aware of the importance of timely completion of work, and we use the best equipment and trained workforce to ensure that the expectations of clients are fully met. Every property that we handle for commercial snow plowing is important to us, regardless of its size. Once we undertake a job, we ensure that it is our total responsibility to provide a snow and ice free premises to the clients in the shortest possible time. Adding value to our services is our goal and this is best achieved by providing the kind of service that surpasses client's expectations. We attach the same degree of importance to all kinds of properties in providing the best in class snow removal service that the clients deserve.

Keeping Parking Lots Free From Snow

Snow and ice are not avoidable in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut when winter comes. With winter weather conditions comes the possibility for accidents. Snow and ice accumulation on walkways, driveways and parking lots raises safety concerns that impede business and raise your risk for employee or customer accidents. Let Haskell Paving help reduce your chance of slips, falls, and fender benders. We help out all kinds of commercial establishments with parking lot snow removal services so that the parking lots are safe for drivers and pedestrians. This also helps commercial establishments to protect themselves from the liability of accidents that could save them good money. Losses from accidents while walking on snow covered sidewalks can adversely affect business. We can help you avoid this through commercial snow shoveling.

Round The Clock Service

Haskell Paving realizes the importance of timely commercial snow removal north New Jersey, and so we have the necessary infrastructure to provide service at any hour of the day. Our team of experts is always ready to respond to service calls in the shortest possible time, no matter when the call is received. We have trained our personnel to respond with extreme promptness to all situations so that your parking lot never gets out of control. We help commercial establishments to provide a safe environment to conduct hassle free business that clients expect. Clearing snow and ice is our business and we know the best ways of doing it. By using the most suitable equipment, and employing people who are trained in snow removal techniques, we undertake all kinds of commercial snow plowing New Jersey.

Snow removal techniques

With over 50 years of experiencing managing snow and ice removal for commercial buildings and office parks, we are happy to guide you towards the most effective and cost efficient removal package for your needs. Depending on the size and setup of your parking lot and walkways, you may require one or all of the following services:

  • Snow plowing - Front end loaders or trucks are fitted with a snow plowing attachment that can push and remove the layer of ice and snow from places like parking lots and driveways.This method is useful for removing thick layers of snow that accumulates high volume and requires considerable force for removal.
  • Ice removal – We use state approved materials to melt the ice in your parking lot to prevent slipping and skidding.
  • Sidewalk snow maintenance – In addition to removing snow and ice from your parking lot with our machinery, we are to use our bobcat or manual power to keep the walkways on your property clear.

Flexible service packages

Our service packages are completely flexible and developed according to the needs of our clients. We offer seasonal contracts and take the responsibility of managing your parking lot’s snow removal needs off your shoulders for each storm. Our office monitors the weather conditions 24/7 and will mobilize our fleet to deal with precipitation from the start of a storm to the end.

We offer a completely worry free service to our clients as we are insured completely for commercial snow removal. Let us worry about the storm and your parking lot while you are asleep in your warm bed. Get a free estimate today to enjoy the best service in snow removal from one of the most respected service providers of the region. Call now, we still have availability for this winter!