How Can You Improve Your Business' Curb Appeal?

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3 Easy Steps To Enhance Your Business’ Curb Appeal

What To Do After You Complete An Asphalt Paving Project

Easy Access and Appeal

Most brick and mortar businesses understand the necessity of maintaining a presence. However, with the e-commerce industry growing exponentially, keeping your business afloat means you have to strategize outside of the box. After all, your place of business has to be navigation-friendly and appealing enough to entice consumers to leave their homes.

3 Easy Steps To Enhance Your Business’ Curb Appeal

With 50 years of asphalt paving experience, Haskell Paving follows three easy criteria to help enhance their customers’ curb appeal.

Ensure A Solid Pavement Structure. Carry out frequent inspections and maintenance practices for your asphalt surfaces. Fill all cracks and potholes, ASAP! Do the due diligent bi-annual vacuum truck sweep to pick up loose debris. Consider sealcoating to keep your pavement a deep dark black, and highlight the white painted lines through line striping. Sealcoating also protects against water penetration and the heat of the sun — a significant cause of cracking

Provide Easy Parking Lot Navigation. To help your customers, employees, and vendors navigate with ease, post entrance and exit signs to help them access the parking lot, placing number or letter signs as indicators. Post Yield, Stop, and Speed Limit signs for safety purposes. Keep the lines or markers visible for parking spots, pedestrian crosswalks, and pavement arrows pristine, and provide adequate lighting for nighttime visibility.

Provide A Visually Appealing Layout. Specialty curbing, such as Belgium Block, is an excellent means of curb appeal, and also keeps the soil from the grassy areas from seeping into the pavement. Picnic tables and benches near to the building give welcoming warmth. Consider incorporating some commercial landscaping to include trees, grass, and perennials.

If you’re interested in giving your commercial exterior a much-needed facelift - the experts at Haskell Paving can help! Contact us for a quote today.