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4 Commercial Snow Removal Tips for Property Managers

4 Commercial Snow Removal Tips for Property Managers

Because the time and tide wait for no one, the wise business property manager never waits until the snowflakes start accumulating on the blacktop to call their local snow removal company! The arrangement for snow removal with a commercial snow removal company starts during those hazy, 'lazy' days of summer when the local snow removal contractor can walk freely in the warmth of the sun and adequately assess the layout of the property. The advantage of early evaluation allows for the business to ask questions, compare project bids, and navigate services with multiple vendors before securing and signing a service contract for plowing.

The following four essential tips for snow removal include:

  • Finding out who will be performing the service of snow and ice removal. There are commercial snow removal companies that subcontract the work to persons inadequately trained in using front-end loaders, plow trucks, and salt spreaders.
  • Read the details of the snow removal contract carefully. There are different types of contract arrangements. Some deals are based on paying for every individual snowstorm of two inches or more. There are long-term seasonal contracts with two to three-year service plans that provide snow removal services when the snow accumulation is over two inches. There are the full-service seasonal contracts guaranteeing service provider response to the property before, during, and after the storm! The full-service seasonal contract will provide 'around the clock' service to ensure the property pavement is free of snow and ice.
  • Confirm the local snow removal contractor holds significant liability insurance for any possible damage incurred by snowplowing equipment and provides worker compensation to the employees they hire in case of injury.
  • Check that the service contractor takes the business of snow removal seriously with well-maintained equipment and vehicles. Never hesitate to visit their site to examine the trucks that they use.

Haskell Paving provides 24/7 monitoring of the weather conditions and has a trained snow removal workforce and up-to-date equipment to clear snow and ice. Haskell Paving professionals tailor all contracts to meet the specific need of their customers. Manual snow shoveling of walkways leading up to your building and using state-approved ice melting material is also a service provision of Haskell Paving.

Turn the air-conditioning up another notch, and contact Haskell Paving this summer to arrange a free consultation and price quote for that next winter snowstorm!