Parking Lot Budget Considerations For Property Managers

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3 Essential Asphalt Parking Lot Budget Tips

Parking Lot Budget Considerations For Property Managers

Haskell Paving understands a well-maintained parking lot is as vital to bringing customers to the front door as a business card, brochure, or company website.

The paving professionals of Haskell Paving offer three easy and essential business parking lot tips that will not ‘bust' the business budget!

Stay On Top Of Cleaning Blacktop. The first essential budget tip is learning to budget time, as well as dollars, for a bi-annual cleaning with a vacuum sweep truck. While it may seem such sweeping only cleans surface dirt and debris, this cleaning process goes much deeper — in extending the life of your porous pavement. The debris swept up prevents the dirt from getting into the sewer drains from heavy rains, causing sewer blockage and drainage issues that bring the formation of puddles, puddles that seep deep under the asphalt surface, which then lead to those cracks and potholes that require patching.

Don't Skimp on Seal Coating. Budgeting annually or every two years for sealcoating the parking lot can reap a healthy return of curb appeal that can only increase the property value! Sealcoating creates a protective barrier against the oxidation of the sun's UV rays, as well as gasoline and oil spills. Sealcoating fills the tiny cracks that water and moisture can seep into, the cause of more substantial cracks and potholes in the parking lot pavement — and a significantly bigger hole in the annual business budget!

Hire Experienced Paving Contractors. Hiring an experienced paving contractor, such as Haskell Paving, for your asphalt paving needs will require a bit of ‘digging’ on your part. A quality paving contractor can describe the best mix of asphalt for your particular project, explain the project process from start to finish, point to other local projects completed successfully, and, most importantly, will put your needs and your budget first.

An experienced paving contractor does not skimp on hiring the necessary team, experienced supervisors, and trained labor. For this reason, there’s a long list of satisfied clients. When looking for a qualified paving contractor — check out the website of Haskell Paving Inc or give us a call at 973-835-1083.