Parking Lot Safety At Work

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6 Ways You Can Stay On Top Of Parking Lot Safety At Work

Parking Lot Safety At Work

The Space Race

The majority of daily commutes ultimately end in a company parking lot, where employees inevitably engage in the habitual ‘race to the space’ after a long drive in traffic.

Due to the never-ending list of distractions that plague today’s drivers, The National Safety Council states that tens of thousands of crashes occur in parking lots annually and are responsible for numerous deaths and injuries.

As a business owner, you may be deemed wholly or partially liable for the accidents that occur on your property, solidifying why parking lot safety at work is as vital to your business’ bottom line as the quality of products or services you’re providing.

Six Ways You Can Stay On Top Of Parking Lot Safety At Work

1. Use asphalt and concrete paints to ensure the parking space lines, lane markers, and directional arrows are clear and visible. Mark a series of broad horizontal stripes from one curb to the other to designate a pedestrian crosswalk.

2. Enhance awareness of parking lot safety at work by installing traffic signs to remind of rules of the road that still apply in the parking lot: Stop, Yield, Pedestrian Crossing, as well as Speed Limit signs.

3. Install speed bumps at the entrance to the parking lot to slow drivers down.

4. Visually inspect the asphalt pavement of your parking lot for cracks that bring pedestrians to trip, and potholes that bring drivers to lose control. Consider sealcoating your asphalt pavement to keep asphalt looking new and even. Maintain a semi-annual cleaning of the lot with a vacuum truck cleanup of dirt and debris.

5. Installation of lighting shines a pro-active stance on parking lot safety at work while increasing visibility when driving or walking.

6. Keep landscaping of trees, shrubs, and bushes that can potentially block a driver's view, block signage, or bring branches to fall off in heavy windstorms away from parking areas.

As your parking lot will see its fair share of traffic, you want to ensure you’re doing your part to protect not only your customers but also your employees and vendors as well. Haskell Paving can assist you with all of your commercial asphalt needs. Contact us today for a quote!