Making Room in Your Budget for Asphalt Maintenance

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Planning Ahead for Asphalt Maintenance

What To Do After You Complete An Asphalt Paving Project

The strength of the bottom line and a healthy business starts with the business owner, and possibly stockholders, knowing what the needs of their business are and setting up a budget to meet those needs. Basic business budgets include property taxes or building rental, liability insurance, marketing and advertising, shipping and mailing expenses, business supplies, and employee wage and benefit incentives.

Another aspect that can affect the strength of the business bottom line is ‘surprise’ expenditures. Budgeting for routine maintenance, such as office equipment, heating and cooling systems, and keeping up with your business exterior, can truly help in the long run.

Planning Ahead for Blacktop Paving Maintenance

Whether a property manager or business owner, walk around that parking lot, preferably with a paving professional from Haskell Paving, to assess the needs of the asphalt pavement and make room in the budget for asphalt maintenance.

Take note of the blacktop, any small cracks and potholes in the macadam, and abundant ‘alligator’ cracking and raveling, which is loose stone and gravel. After a moderate rain, take note of pooling water.

Asphalt paving maintenance starts with knowing the cost of asphalt maintenance projects and then prioritizing a definitive plan of action:

  • Get detailed information about options for repairs and cost estimates for all work to be done. Create a budget for the small problems immediately before the problem grows significantly more substantial and costly.
  • Accentuate the positive, do not dismiss or minimize major pavement problems. Haskell associates can provide a manageable plan of action. If paving work is needed, milling can be completed in sections or over a time frame of one or two years, to make the budget allocation easier.
  • Make preventative upkeep of the blacktop a scheduled routine, not unlike scheduling the bi-annual dental check-ups. This preventative work will allow for explicitly knowing what needs to be part of the budget, each month, business quarter, and annually. When the asphalt is well maintained, there are seldom holes or cracks — in the asphalt pavement or the business budget!

Haskell Paving can help your business with asphalt milling, one of the most cost-effective and common asphalt reconstruction methods used today, sealcoating, and more. Call Haskell Paving at 973-835-1083 or contact us online!