Looking for a Snow Removal Contractor?

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3 Traits of a Strong Snow Removal Contractor

Looking for a Snow Removal Contractor?

We realize a blog about how to find a snow removal contractor might seem to be rushing the season of ‘fun in the sun.’ However, if you read our previous blog, 4 Commercial Snow Removal Tips for Property Managers, you’d understand that the summer season is the perfect timing for talking of snow and ice.

The first tip of that previous blog was: find a snowplow removal service. It starts by flipping through the yellow pages of the phone directory or a search engine for a local snow removal service. The results will show a mind-boggling plethora of business lists and website links of area snow removal contractors. The standard descriptive words accompanying these businesses include: professional, reliable, trusted, fully insured. These general 'must-have' traits are imperative in securing a business contractor to plow the business parking lot or personal driveway. However, there are specific characteristics that make contractors stand out amongst similar trade professionals.

Three essential traits of a reliable snow removal contractor


Look for those businesses with established business credentials in the local and surrounding area who understand every client is as unique as the individual snowflakes that fall from the sky, and tailors the work of snow removal to the specific needs of each client. Ask neighboring businesses who they have worked with in the past and see if any names show up repeatedly.


The experienced commercial business contractor will never give their clients a verbal agreement alone. They will be able to explain ‘why’ for each piece of costly snow removal equipment. They will patiently answer any question with regards to equipment, snow, and ice removal procedures. The experienced local snow removal service will know exactly when to ‘roll out the equipment’ to clear the parking lot. The skilled contractor also understands what lies below that snow and uses only those products safest for both the environment and the blacktop.


A reputable snow removal business is only as good as the trained personnel employed to safely and efficiently run the plows, front-end loaders, and trucks. Those who manually shovel walks and driveways are trained in proper snow shoveling techniques to get the job done safely, effectively, and efficiently.

Do not sweat that ‘small stuff’ this winter — talk to the ‘pros of the snow,’ Haskell Paving, who understand your needs and can provide the equipment and staff to meet those needs. Contact us today!