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Save Your Money and Your Driveway before It is Too Late!

Pavement management is as easy as it sounds. With a few simple steps, you can keep your pavement look new and young forever. Do you see stealthy cracks creeping up the sides of your driveway? Do sections of your driveway look like alligator skin? Then maybe you have not been doing your part to tend to your pavement all these years. Not only does your pavement complete the curb appeal of your home, but it also ensures that you get brownie points with your real estate agent when it’s time to make a sale.

But worry not! You can easily fix these cracks with simple and economic services provided by Haskell Paving in Northern New Jersey (NJ), Bergen County New Jersey (NJ), Westchester County New York (NY), Rockland County New York (NY) and Orange County New York (NY). Our employees ensure that you get the best services at the best rates irrespective of the season.

A Few Things We Do Before Sealcoating

Crack sealing is a crucial step before commencement of sealcoating. This makes sure that all shallow cracks are evened out, filled and repaired. The surface is cleared to remove all debris. All oil spots are primed before the real process begins. All cracks are filled with hot pavement sealer that smoothes out the surface of the driveway.

Why Opt for Sealcoating/Seal Coating in the First Place?

Driveway sealcoating works as an excellent pavement maintenance service. We recommend sealcoating your newly installed or resurfaced driveway every 1-2 years. This truly contributes to an extended investment plan for your curb. An expert guided sealcoating is necessary to protect your driveway from dirt, oil, rain and drastic weather conditions. Just like a stitch in time, sealcoat saves your pavement from more serious damages including potholes, cluster cracks and deepened cracks that reach the base materials.

A Few Time-Tested Benefits of Sealcoating Your Pavement

Driveway sealcoat is an excellent waterproofing method that keeps rainwater from settling on the pavement and finding its way into the base materials. Sealcoats keep water from accumulating under the substrate, while keeping the pressure on the top and bottom layers of your pavement as equal as possible. Let us focus on the few proven benefits of asphalt sealcoat:

  • Slackens repair costs in the long run
  • Hastens melting of snow in the pavement
  • Provides a layer of protection to your pavement from oil, chemical spills and long term oxidation
  • Prolongs the life of your driveway

These are the highlighted advantages of opting for driveway seal coating from time to time. Besides, a well maintained curb always enhances the appearance of your home and landscape.

What Causes The Ugly Cracks On Your Driveway?

The cracks on your pavement can be a result of a number of factors in addition to that 4000 pound car you may be driving on it regularly. These cracks do not appear in a day, but keep accumulating till they become visibly grotesque. Here are a few factors that are eating away at your driveway in silence:

  • Sunlight and UV rays
  • Fluctuations in temperature and humidity
  • Seeping rainwater and water channels
  • Long time negligence of top coat maintenance

The lower base of asphalt settles and loses its integrity over the years. The factors mentioned above causes the top to freeze and thaw alternately, independent of the lower base material. This forms the nasty cracks on the asphalt you can see on your driveway now.

When is the Best Time to Repair Your Driveway?

All new driveways should be sealcoated between 1-2 years after their primary installation. This gives the driveway plenty of time to set.. If your driveway is already older than a year, try to get it crack sealed and sealcoatedas soon as possible to maintain the sleek surface quality..

Driveway repair and sealcoating is best done before the leaves start falling in Autumn. This Christmas drive back home to a perfectly smooth driveway proudly glinting in the fairy lights. Give Haskell Paving a call for the best rates in your county.

Here are a few of the New Jersey locations where you can see and avail our services at the drop of a hat:

  • Bergen
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  • Mercer
  • Middlesex
  • Monmouth
  • Morris
  • Passaic
  • Somerset
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  • Warren

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