Why We Need Sealcoating Companies

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3 Ways Sealcoating Companies Can Keep Your Parking Lot in Tip Top Shape

Why We Need Sealcoating Companies

In a previous blog, 3 Easy Steps To Enhance Your Business’ Curb Appeal, sealcoating was touched on as the means to protecting your commercial asphalt parking lot from water damage and pavement oxidation caused by the UV rays of the sun, as well as giving your business curb appeal.

Sealcoating companies prepare the surface by ridding it of dirt, oil spots, leaves, and debris, filling the potholes, and surface cracks.

Blacktop sealcoating companies determine what type of sealcoating material and method will be best for the surface sealcoated. The most common seal coat materials are coal tar emulsion, asphalt emulsion, and petroleum-based emulsion.

There are three methods of sealcoating. For community roadways and parking lots with minor to zero damage, slurry sealcoating, a mix of asphalt emulsion and fine sand is used. The chip sealcoating method is best for surfaces that have neglected routine maintenance and need significant repairs to the asphalt surface. With chip sealcoating, the road or parking lot is built up with layers of asphalt sealer and aggregate rock. There is also a method known as fog sealcoating, using emulsified asphalt bitumen and applied as a spray mist to a blacktop surface. It is a fast sealcoating process and commonly used for large roadway projects.

Indeed, the work and knowledge of sealcoating companies and asphalt sealcoating contractors go deeper than the resulting 'rich' dark surface shine to the blacktop.

3 Ways Sealcoating Keeps Your Parking Lot in Tip Top Shape

Sealcoating Preserves Asphalt Appearance

Sealcoating the parking lot preserves that look of freshly laid asphalt, no matter the age of the asphalt pavement. The parking lot striping, directional arrows, and crosswalks painted on the pavement macadam will stand out to those who drive on to the lot, assisting those pulling into a parking space to keep within the lines. Yes, as taught in the classroom, neatness counts!

Sealcoating Prevents Surface Corrosion

The caustic materials of gasoline, motor oil, anti-freeze, and winter de-icing products, coupled with the sun's UV rays, can cause porous asphalt to become dry and brittle and weaken the top layer of an asphalt surface. This weakening results in eroding the aggregate material of stone, sand, and gravel. Sealcoating asphalt will keep any corrosive materials on the surface and ease cleaning using routine scheduled maintenance of a sweep truck with water spray.

Sealcoating Strengthens the Asphalt Pavement

The consistent and constant weight of cars and truck traffic, and expanding and contracting of asphalt due to the freezing and thawing cycle in winter, is another means of weakening the pavement. Sealcoating provides an added layer of strength to the top asphalt layer, which can extend the life of your asphalt parking lot by 10 to 15 years!

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